What is your struggle today?

What is your struggle today?

There are so many of us with something of some sorts. One thing is evident; we all have the concerns in our struggle. When will it all ends?

Most of the time we struggle on our own with various situations, but the fact of the matter is, some of our circumstances we are afraid to tell anyone. Either because we are ashamed of what we think people may say, or because of the circle of friends we belong to, maybe the group in which we are associated with. We feel as though people will talk about us behind our backs. Trust me, that is normal human behaviour, but let me put it this way; whatever your situation/s is/are don’t ask for it to go away. Because in reality some things will never go away, they will be here to challenge us and our deep ability to survive. Even our faith is being tested.

Here is my suggestion to this; ask for strength, knowledge with understanding to deal with the situation/s. Do something special to yourself, dig deep into your inner being, and fight that force that is trying to keep you down. In your low, fight with all your inner strength and tell yourself you shall not go down but you shall rise in determination and prowess to do the will of your inner man.

As much as I personally don’t like road blocks, I will tell you this, they keep me seeking and believing there is a way out. Anything that you struggle to achieve must be good. I believe that’s why Paul says we “rejoice in our sufferings” and James puts it this way “consider it pure joy”. Loved ones, whenever you’re face with trials/conflicts of any sorts,”   just consider this; there is someone still bigger than you and I, who cares and certainly understands. I can’t say I’m there yet…but I am learning to lean and to trust on His Mighty Arm.


Maybe what we need to understand is that in the Believers life, there is a process. The road blocks are just part of it. Let us rather than resisting them, we should try and embrace them and see them as tools in the hands of a mighty God, who is faithfully working out His purpose to transform to what He wants us to be…

Be Blessed


This Season…


During this season, why not:

Reach out to someone in your circle whom you may have not even said a word to for a long time. Let us try and reach out for  that neighbour, friend; who may have behave so badly against you, or  a relative, your child/children or spouse you never get to spend enough time with.

Rekindle the fire in your relationship; take time out to for each other, get to know your spouse again, reach out to each other some more. Get some quality time together with loved ones.


Let us try to do something special to touch the lives of others; Reach out to somebody’s hand you just might save somebody’s life…By so doing we ourselves will feel a sense of satisfaction.


After the darkness of winter, the spring and summer will enter into your various situations and the hope of restoration will heal the pains and ills through God’s grace.

In this season stand in the strength of God through His Holy Spirit and Power, (not by your own strength or understanding) until you experience that longing and lasting Victory.

 Be Blessed