The Banana story

The Banana story

I heard of a story (I was told it is true, whether it is so or not I just love the moral of it) …of a man who got so fed up with life and its problems; one day he didn’t have much left but ‘one ripe banana.’ He decided he didn’t want to go on anymore with life, so he decided to climb up a tree and eat his banana then take his life. Unaware to him another man came and sat under the tree with a similar situation, both unaware of each other’s presence.

The man ate his banana and dropped the skin from the height of his throne (up in the tree). The man on the ground was so glad for it that he took it up gladly and ate the banana skin. The man in the tree saw all of that and had a change of heart; he came down off that tree because of what he saw. There he saw, someone in dire situation than himself.

 There is a reason for living….life is never without problems or obstacles…I know of someone I can rely on. His name is Jesus the Son Of God, He is my doctor in my sick moments, and He is a friend in need and a friend indeed.


Don’t give up, whatever the situation, there is always a solution even if it does not happen straight anyway.

There are no magic remedies for the pain and aches you feel. But keep on believing that it will get better…it can’t be cloudy or rainy season all the time …tell yourself ‘there will be sunshine, on a cloudy day’..You can still turn negatives into positives by daring not to give in…

Be Blessed


Today the sun is shining..but..

Hi Friend

“Today the sun is shining but I am not enjoying it, I feel as though I am not enjoying life any at all.  The things I dreamt of having seems all shattered, I feel a sense of hopelessness. I can’t’ even pay my bills; I don’t do the little things that mattered to me most anymore. I would like to live life to the full, to be just happy and care free; ” but it is not like that anymore you say”…

Life can be complicated; life is made of struggles, uncertainties, undecided moments, challenges, and sadness. But then; you have the better days of celebrating and it doesn’t necessarily mean a great achievement. You can be just be plain happy for simple things e.g. your child got a good grade in school today; your boss appreciated you, which you didn’t even expect, little things like that. 

 There are times when I am really challenged by different types of situations; some I just want to just disappear immediately, but I have come to terms that it does not go like that. I have to work through difficult circumstances as they arise; the way I go about my situations that is what makes the complete difference.


Being happy doesn’t mean everything in your life is perfect. It means you decide to see beyond life’s imperfections. Life is short, learn to Forgive quickly, take time to Love from a true heart, and never forget to smile.

 Believer: Continue to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, for you were called to serve no matter the what conflicts besets you. Jehovah God is our Shalom, our Prince of Peace, He is Jehovah Jireh your provider.

Be Bless