Values So Dear

Values will play a very important role in guiding us through what will be a period of challenging times. One will have to take time to identify and implement the necessary changes in the way we go about doing things. Sometimes we ignore the little things that seem so insignificant and so small to us and in our society today like, regarding respect. This has been a major concern for me, as I see the lack of these values staring in the face of society these last days.

The little hugs cuddle, being respectful, polite, courteous, kind; to bring back a peaceful society with simple moral values and right in the heart of good family values.

We can accomplish honest integrity by getting back to basics, the grass root.

Calling grand mommas, mommas, aunties, daughters; with us uniting together, we can start together to set the pace… getting back to our grass roots.

Mothers, you and I are in a great honourable position, the responsibility of a lifetime to look after the happiness of our children, our families. Happiness is from within; to have that love is ever so beautiful, in nature, given to the little ones, our family, friends and society can be so rewarding.


Values are pure, values may sound simple but they do endure, even after many years they cannot be replaced, they cannot be forgotten. Precious are they and delightful to the very ears. Taught by our mammas even our Pappas way back to our grandparents and great -grandparents and they are here to stay even if we desist to apply them in these modern times.

As the good Book rightly puts it:

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not departfrom it.Proverbs 22:6

Be Blessed