Do you feel neglected?

Do you feel neglected? Don’t give in to neglect or lonesomeness, these symptoms are far from a crime, they are part of any human feelings sometime or another. Each person goes through one thing or the other but deals with them in different ways.

Even in relationships, whether it is within families, work, church, school, other organisation etc; one can be lonely for various reasons. Reasons being, you may speak a different language in terms of your values, your beliefs and also your personality, so hence the feelings of isolation.

You may be an outstanding contributor to your organisation or in your family, giving ideas and support as a team player.

These ideas may be side stepped, don’t be distracted and don’t give in. You may even feel your self- worth being challenged and causing your self confidence to be shattered. If you have never before been empowered, be so now, more than ever ‘be determined’ to continue your journey of success. Let nothing, nobody deter you; remember, in this life it is a struggle… especially with people. Be around people who are striving for success in their lives and for others, motivators, persons who are humble, who will support you, who will encourage you, who share your dream and vision. Resist negatives – move towards positives. Some people will try to make you feel bad, some will make you feel that whatever you are doing it is of no worth but listen to your heart, nobody has that right to take away your self-worth, they will if you let them…don’t let them!


Take heart if you are unique, take heart if somehow you are not part of a selection, take heart if you’re not invited, take heart even if you’re being over looked (especially if you have the qualities for that particular purpose,) just take heart…Your hour will come…There is a roll call for everyone. Your good deeds you have done behind the scenes… They will come up one day as a memorial. Our God shall pull up your name from the book… So take heart!

Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit”, says the Lord (Zechariah. 4:6)

Be Blessed


Woman…of Substance

Women you are of substance, you are of great value… a woman is a motivator, mothers, counsellors; she is the centre piece of any jewel.

Hi men, whilst we adore and respect you, you must admit that without women as part of the essential ingredient, the cake would be just tasteless. It just would not be the same without a woman’s input in life. But with man and woman, working together as a unit for the greater good… what an excellent outcome that would be!

So today…

Whatever you want to achieve you can do; the things you would so like to pursue and they don’t seem to be forth coming; don’t let the negatives in your life win you over. Reach for your passion, what is it that you have put off doing that was your dream/vision of yesteryear. Don’t give in to feelings of doubt and fears, be persistent.., and pursue your goal.

You may think that the weather is not right but start putting your thoughts together, start taking NOTES of your strengths, ask yourself; “what is it I hope to achieve within this year”. There is a God-given ability in everyone to do so, it is just for you to find it. If you are in a job and want aspire to a higher level, just go for it, take the risk, challenge yourself, you may even surprise yourself!


Have faith in yourself, believe in yourself. Reach into your inner being and dig really deep into your inner soul, there you will find the answers.  The way of success is a continuous journey where we learn and grow to be who we want to be.

Proverbs 3:6KJV:  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will shall direct your paths.

Be Blessed