Special Thank You

 ‘The Trumpet Sounds’ take this time in thanking all our readers and supporters for their love, kind words of encouragement, most of all, to those of you who have been sending your feedback  in such a positive way. I realise that surely this e-magazine was designed for a time such as this. I am, also, very pleased to know that through this service you have been blessed, touched, motivated and inspired.

Special Thanks to our friends, who have volunteered their time and help in so many ways I cannot express… Thank you all prayer warriors/partners (especially my Kenyan brethren whose testimonies and encouragement have been tremendous), they have been holding this Ministry in prayers and support from the beginning to where it is now!

This is to inform you, the ardent readers, that because of all the feedback and high demand for services, we had to go away and plan to take the message further.

The Trumpet Sounds takes this opportunity to inform you that there will be a re-launch coming soon… In this new version you will see more exciting pages and inspirational topics…


Courage is something we use with every muscle and it can only be strengthened by exercising it and using it well. Let us be an Agent of Change today, and pursue the things that can impact somebody in a positive way…  In everything we do in our pursuits for change and to make a difference – never be too busy to take care of your Health, if not, – you could be likened to a tool that, is itself, in need of repair.

…I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1v2 (KJV)

Be Blessed