Christmas- Give Thanks

Today, most people across the globe come together as family, friends etc. Various cultures observe today 25 December as Christmas day. Directly or indirectly, the world acknowledges Jesus Christ… In some beliefs it is noted as a Pagan custom, whatever is your belief, we get caught up one way or the other.

Some folks give cards, presents, etc. because it is Christmas; some attend church and Christmas programs.Christmas is quoted by many as, ‘the happiest season of the year’. This time is noted for- excessive eating, drinking, family and close friends gather to socialise. Rightly so, as it is the time when people seem happier- coming together.

In this event, I’m reminded of part of the bible that says: …every knee shall bow to me and every tongue shall confess to God Romans14:11.

Let us give God thanks for yet another year, make time to catch up with friends, relatives, even the ones that are not so nice to you.

Maybe you have lost a loved one like me –it’s not the same, but God is our strength, that’s why he was born… let us look to the Lord…

Give thanks today- because God is good… regardless of our circumstance/s.

Be Bless