Vision surpass Fraustration

Frustration can easily get your mind and body drained …

Take for instance – your purpose and vision, it doesn’t mean that everyone will share it.
So be mindful of putting your trust in people and not God.
There are some People with good intentions that would like to support/ help you along the way but their priorities aren’t yours, so save your energy and and stop chasing them. Open up to God for the right people to help you along; you can identify God’s will, when you least expect!
People who means well, will be in touch, it may not be as often but they do try make contact to wish you well.

Work with what you have, No need to be angry with people, it’s mankind’s nature to fall short.
Be encouraged hold on to your dreams and vision.
Someone once said to me it’s not the quantity!
Remember Gideon’s army? No body can stop God’s Devine purpose for your life- only you.
Read Judges 7 KJV

Be Bless