Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart

In this season, quite a number of people find themselves focusing more on other things rather than thankfulness.

How often do we take time out to be thankful, to give God thanks, to thank those who have been there for us whether small are great?

Take a look at a helpless person, hungry, or suffering from health issues. All these categories of people should remind us that being thankful, needs to be a foundation of our lives every day. We should be having an “attitude of gratitude and thankfulness” for our spiritual and physical well being all year round. We can adopt a mindset to express our appreciation to family and friends, others around us, in the good times and bad.

God is the true source of every good thing in our lives. Let us keep our focus on Him, God is the only One who graciously gives us “good things” of all kinds, our natural response should be to precisely thank Him.

Be Bless

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