New Month but Trust God

As you wake, you rise to a new day; believe God will make a way … As long as you don’t mind waiting Him.

September is behind, we can reflect on how it had been for us through that month. Some of us experienced some very trying days and endured to the end- all because Jesus made it possible. Some people suffered from exhaustion, tiredness in body and mind; different health issues, family crisis, financial woes, work related issues, disappointments or dissatisfaction from associates; issues too numerous to name them all.

As we enter October – this is not the end of the journey just yet!! Let’s just get radical in giving more praise and thanksgiving to God for being with us this far. Trust Him more to guide you safely through this month and beyond. Some of us have been through some circumstances – only God knows how we came out and how we are still continuing on the journey. It can only be the keeping care of God!

Through His Holy Spirit, praying fervently and the words of God, will give us sustenance and perfect peace.

The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.”

Psalm 34:7, KJV

 Be Bless

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